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Английская прошивка Cacko ROM 1.23
"Карманная" версия Базара

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Вышла английская прошивка Cacko ROM 1.23, полная и облегченная версии. Поддерживаемые модели завров: С7х0/С860, С1000, С3100.

Используйте временный Cacko feed:


Всё остальное - по английски


Cacko ROM 1.23 is released. Supporting Zaurus models are: SL-C1000, SL-C3100 in addition to SL-C7x0/SL-C860. Note that SL-C3000 is not supported yet, but I hope Andy (aka iamasmith) will release proper version soon.

Please, visit http://cacko.biz/cacko/ for download links.

Important! Main Cacko feed has not been updated yet, please, use Cacko feed mirror:



CACkO Zaurus Qtopia ROM 1.23 1029311005 (SL-C1000) "Nastya"
Mon Oct 31 10:35:34 MSK 2005

(c) Cacko Team (http://cacko.biz), 2003-2005

Visit our web site for more information: http://cacko.biz/cacko/
Make sure to read FAQ at http://cacko.biz/cacko/faq
Report bugs at http://cacko.biz/cacko/bugs

IMPORTANT: This ROM requries a flash partition at least 32 MBytes in size!
Make sure to repartition your internal flash before updating ROM!


1. Extract the 3 files - initrd.bin tools.tar updater.sh - to the root of your CF or SD/MMC card.
2. Make sure that Zaurus isn't plugged into AC power.
3. Remove battery for at least 5 seconds.
4. Replace battery (replace battery cover, lock cover), plug in AC power.
5. Press and hold the "OK" button on the keyboard.
6. Turn the power on, you should see the Japanese service menu.
7. Now Plug in the Power Cord. (You will get an error if it isn't plugged in!)
8. Select option 4 (flash/update).
9. You then have several options including CF and SD
10. Choose either CF or SD, depending on which media you put the files on.

11. Select "3 NAND Flash Utils"
12. Select "1 Resize root partition"
13. Enter 32 when prompted for root partition size.
12. Flash will be repartioned and Zaurus will reboot.

13. Repeat steps 2-10 again and wait for the menu start menu.
14. Now select "1 Install new ROM" and wait. Reboot your Zaurus when ROM installaiton is complete.


Release Notes:

This ROM version wa smainly intended to support Zaurus models (C1000 and C3100). Later on it was decided to include support for older models as well. It also insludes some minor updates and fixes found during 1.22 ROM usage.

Many thanks to all the beta testers who have contributed a lot of efforts to help produce this ROM.


- Added Cacko boot logo (every other ROM already had one Smile
- Added latest kernel patches from Tetsu
- Added MTD emulation module (blkmtd.o) for block devices (to mount jffs2 images on Zaurus)
- Enabled detection of SCSI Multi-LUN (Logical Unit Number) devices, such as multi-format card readers
- Updated kayboard map to include some missing characters in console
- Updated serial driver (thanks to albertr and 2x4ever)
- serial_cs driver is built as module, so that it can be easily updated
- Included updated USB storage and serial drivers from 2.4.31 kernel
- SCSI drivers are build as modules
- Cursor blinking rate in pure Linux console is configurable via /proc/sys/dev/fb/cursor_blink_rate

File Systems:
- Squashfs filesystem updated to version 2.2
- Added NTFS module
- Added HFS and HFS+ (Apple File System) modules
- Added ISO/Joliet (CD-ROM) and UDF (DVD) modules
- Added support for new partition types: Macintosh and Win2K Dynamic Disk
- Updated FUSE to version 1.4 (latest verison available for 2.4.x kernels)

- Updated OpenSSL package to 0.9.7g
- Updated OpenSSH package to 4.1p1.
Note that empty passwords are not allowed by default! Set root password to be able to login via SSH
- Updated networking scripts to clean up DHCP leftovers
- Added PPP Deflate compression option, updated aliases in modules.conf
- Updated pppd to 2.4.3
- Bringing usbd0 interface down during suspend
- Updated Pegasus USB Network drivers to 0.4.32
- Updated RTL 8150 USB Network drivers to 0.4.3
- Included driver modules to support for USB Ethernet devices
- Included driver modules for Serial USB devices
- Increased DHCP timeout for LAN network connections
- Updated configuration entry for TRENDnet TE-CF100 Fast Ethernet CF Adapter
- Updated USBNET driver from 2.4.32 kernel source, supporting many USB Ethernet dongles
- Added USB Network applet to configure network using USB Ethernet dongles
- Updated wget to 1.10.2, build with SSL support

- Wireless Extentions updated to v16
- Wireless Tools updated to 0.27
- Hostap drivers updated to version 0.3.7
- Orinoco/Spectrum driver updated to 0.15rc2-CVS (with monitor mode)
- Added drivers for USB Prism and Orinoco based wireless devices
- Socket/Symbol WiFi card is now fully supported via Network Setup
- New Socket WiFi card (with Agere Hermes II chipset) is supported (OpenKey WEP only)
- Fixed problem with non-specific ("Any") ESSID
- Added entry for "WAVEline Compact Flash Wireless Adapter"
- Added support for Prism3 WiFi cards without firmware in flash,
such as "IO Data WN-B11/CFZ Wireless CF Adapter" and "PLANEX GW-CF11X Wireless CF Card"

- Changed interface name for wireless cards from ethX to commonly used wlanX

- Updated bluez library and utilities to version 2.21, hcidump to 2.21
- Improved support for USB bluetooth devices
- Updated bluetooth dialup network applet (thanks to Michail Kostousov).
New applet allows to configure multiple rfcomm entries.
- Fixed problem with network icon not appearing in TaskBar with some serial bluetooth CF cards

- Updated tinylogin to 1.4
- Updated unrar to version 3.5.4
- Updated Card Manager utilities to 3.2.7
- Added cpio 2.6
- Updated sed to 4.0.7
- Updated readline library to patchlvel 5
- Updated bash to patchlevel 16
- Added patched version of USB library (fixes ARM alignment issues)
- Updated usb.ids file
- Updated scmxx utility to 0.8.0
- Updated configuration scripts to better support USB joysticks and joypads

- Kino2 is updated to version 0.4.3c
- Latest versions of mplayer 1.1.5 and bvdd 0.4 video driver are included
- Latest Sharp applications included: PIM apps from C1000 and C3100, Photostorage, MusicPayer, Netfront 3.1
- Added new keymaps: esperanto, catalan, espanyol and cyrillic-phonetic-psion
- Updated Deutsch keymap (thanks to Andre Beckedorf)
- Added PickBoard input method
- Updated neocal to 1.7.7
- Made it possible to remove Qtopia background image
- Made it possible to create a swap file in internal flash or built-in hard disk
- Added InputHelper applet to support USB mouse in Qtopia
- Added some missing mime types
- QKonsole launch speed has been improved
- Updated Sysinfo application to display information about attached devices
- Updated Card Monitor applet not to display popup messages
- PIM data is send via IRDA with UTF-8 encoding
- SDL libraty has been removed form the ROM. Updated library optimized for PXA270 should be installed separately.
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